Invoice production and automation


Trying to fiddle around in supplier invoice production, and having some difficulty with it:

1. Invoice Synchronization is turned on. Is there a way to customize it? Like, whenever I set a project as "Complete", create+attach+approve supplier invoices for all its jobs. As far as I can see, I need to manually do this for each job, in each project...

2. The invoice production tools are enabled, and I created a supplier invoice, attached it to the job, and set it as "Invoice Approved". However, I don't see it in the Supplier Invoice Production tab.


Please advise.

On a general note (I told Brahim this during the training session): I think Wordbee could benefit greatly from improved documentation/training materials. It's a very capable system, but its documentation, is focused on explaining individual features in detail, and lacks in explaining clear workflows, processes and concepts.


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