I do not understand how the matching on a terminology database works

 I have created a "Terminology database" ("Glossary°) and am translating a set of segments from English to French using it;

I do not understand how the matching on "Glossary" entries is performed:


One entry in the Glossary is "Global Law", translated "Loi Globale"

Another entry is "Designer" translated as "Créateur".


In the source I have "Global Laws", and this is picked up as a 98% match with "Global Law"

I also have "Designers" and this is not picked up at all.

My "Glossary" is a Terminlogy Database associated as a Resource with the project.

In its "Settings" for the Glossary:

-  "Pre-translation" is set to "Can use for Pre-translation";

- Penalty for text differences (wording, spelling): is set to "Low"

Nothing else is different to defaults.

Why is "Global Laws" picking up "Global Law" at 98%, whereas "Designers" is not picking up "Designer" at all?




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