Segment level language setting

When I clicked "Add record" in the Global Search page, I found a field showing "All languages." When I clicked the down-arrow button, it showed the language pair we use, i.e. Japanese and English.

When I exported a test entry to Excel, I got English/xxx and Japanese/xxx but it is a little confusing.

 Where can I find explanations about this feature? 

What we originally setup our termbase, the language distinction was not available, I believe, and we setup Japanese Definition and English Definition for the same source language. Now it seems like we have English/English Definition, English/Japanese Definition, Japanese/English Definition and so on.
Is there an easy way to clean up our existing records so that all custom field info goes under the right languages and/or could we keep using "All language" as a default and hide the language selection when users edit the segment level information for memory and terminology?

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