Edit source segment

Hi team,


Is there an "Edit source segment " option  in the New Editor? 


Since I've been enabled the access right to edit source, I just find it's too easy to edit the source texts by accident. Occasionally, I need to copy a text string from source to target. When doing that, if I accidentally press a key or click the mouse, the source text can be easily changed without any warning message. If that is a minor change, e.g., a couple of spaces or a few characters, which is not obvious to naked eyes, I doubt if any one can find that the source segment has edited, unless this segment pair appears as a hit in the Translation Finder when I'm translating a similar segment.


That is why I'm asking if there is an "edit the source" option. 


Also, I prefer the old editor when I need to edit the source where a pencil icon next to the source segment leads to the pop-up window to edit the source, as shown in the screenshot.



Kind regards,


Jessica Liu


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