New Editor: Feedback & Suggestions


I've finally decided to make the switch over to the new Editor. And I must say that I quite like it. I especially like the new Translate from Memory feature, which is a time-saver.

Below are a few suggestions that could possibly make for a better user experience.

1 - Make Quick QA Check options sticky.
Currently, the user has to select the options every time they run a Quick QA Check. This can be annoying when working on multiple documents.

2 - Make it possible for the user to customise the menu bar (where the Document, QA Checks, Preview, and View menu items appear).
For instance, it would be useful to be able to place the Change status and the Translate from Memory 'Action' items on the menu bar.

3 - On the right of the status bar, at the bottom of the Editor, there is a display showing the number of segments per page and the number of segments in the document.
If the user changes the default settings to display 200 segments per page, and if there are 15 segments in the current document, the information displayed is as follows: 1-200 of 15. This is confusing.
Couldn't this be made clearer? Maybe something like '15/200'?

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