Handling orders with non-editable file uploaded.


user has a client who normally submits word files for translation and there has been CodyT project set up to automate the whole process.

However, there are situations when client submit a non-editable file (like a PDF).

In this case, the client is still able to submit the order however no jobs are created automatically because Wordbee can not read the file, which is understandable.

The problem is that the Project Manager has no way of knowing that this is happening. The client thinks his order is in progress but translator doesn't have a job and PM doesn't know it's stuck.

Is there a work around for this other than going into the project to check the file every single time the client submits an order?


in this situation it helps to enable the option "error" in the Settings >>New Order Form. 

So when the client submits these kind of file, there will be an internal error message in Order tab and in detail of order to let the PM know. 

Besides, this internal message can be copied to the project's internal message by using the place holder in New Order Form

Moreover if one likes to have this info sent in the email solution is to copy the order internal message to a project's custom field (instead of the project internal message) in Settings >> New Order Form. 

Then in Settings >> Email notification >> Client portal notifications
project's custom field can be inserted into the email notification by using the placeholder. 

Note: it is important to make sure that placeholder is placed in a correct place of the email notification (it depends on order status which parts of the notification template are included in the actual email).



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