The way synonyms are displayed in the Editor view and Terminology Manager

The way synonyms are shown in Wordbee for both translators and Terminologist are tedious and confusing.

For translators in the Editor view:

The Termbase results showing in the Translation Finder window in the Editor view does not flag that the term has a synonym unless the translator intentionally clicks on ‘Open term details'. This is not efficient as talents are missing the client's preferred terms and the result is a complaint from our client.

In order for Wordbee to flag to the translators, when translating in the Editor view, that there is a synonym, the term needs to be duplicated in the Termbase, otherwise Wordbee won't flag up that there is another way of translating that term. But I encounter many issues here too because when I need to import the client's Termbase I need to choose among the below options:

* Merge new and existing data - replace existing translations: this will only import one term.

* Merge new and existing data - do not import if translation already exist: this will only import one term.

* The other options 'Do not merge' will create different entries for the source if we are importing different languages one by one and we will end up with a massive Termbase.


Could you please advise if there is any other way of doing synonyms that are flagged up to the translators in the Editor view and that do not have to be imported as ‘duplicates’? If this feature is not in place, could this be implemented?

Many thanks,




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