Use of formatting tags in Wordbee

Hi Wordbee Support Staff,

I have an urgent question to ask. 

I have been using Wordbee for more than 2 years and taken on more than 10 projects using Wordbee. 

Like most CAT tools, Wordbee also uses tags for text formatting. However, with respect to a recent file I received from a supplier, I am sure that the tags are wrong and are not commonly used in Wordbee for formatting purposes. Examples of such tags used in Wordbee source text (left column) are {x1/} and {x2/}. As a result, formatting problems with bold, italic, underline, breaking into a new line, and so on arise. 

I have mentioned such issues with my supplier before starting the project and during screenshot checks. I truly believe that the same issue will remain if the tags in the source text (on the left column) are not corrected for the corresponding formatting purposes. Could you please suggest me how to report this issue to my supplier so that the corresponding actions can be corrected as soon as possible? Moreover, please also suggest me how to correct the inappropriate tags as used in the left source text column of Wordbee. 

This request is urgent. I hope this request can be responded to as soon as possible. 


Best Regards

Shirley Lao







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