Question on the propagation of internal fuzzies


Let's say we have an ongoing project with files coming in regularly for translation, set up with a Project Memory and a Translation Memory.

While we translate a single file, our translation is added to the PM; after we deliver the file, someone on the customer side checks it and then adds all the segments to the TM.

Now let's say we have files with internal fuzzies (i.e. slightly different sentences repeated through the files). Because our translations are added to the PM but not to the TM (yet), if we want to reuse our translations in the same file we can only click on the PM matches in the translation finder, correct? Or is there a way to autopropagate fuzzy matches?

Or, same question using an example, let's say I translate this sentence:

I bought a red apple

Then I run into this sentence in the same file:

I bought a green apple

Can I set Wordbee to autopropagate the first translation to the second sentence? Or the only way is clicking on the PM match in the translation finder?

(Apologies if this has been asked before, I wasn't able to find anything on the topic)


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