Jon completion notification e-mail to translators

We are using outside venders to finish DTP and asking in-house translators/editors who work on translation/revision jobs to do the final check and copy the final files back to the order after the DTP (proofreading) job is complete. 

Can translators receive notification e-mails when DTP (proofreading) jobs of the files they worked on are complete in Codyt projects?

In the selection below, project managers can receive such e-mails by selecting "Notify job completion" check box under "Jobs managed by users." 

Can translators receive the DTP (proofreading) job completion notification e-mails by selecting the "Notify job completion checkbox" in the "Jobs assigned to user" column?

We prefer not to use the third column, "Subscriber -jobs owned by others", because doing so would increase the number of Wordbee notification e-mails they receive and majority of them are not related to their jobs.

We also want to keep our current codyt project job structure of [Translation] - [Revision] - [Proofreading] and do not want to create a forth job.

Any suggestions?



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