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I've been using wordbee since 2015, and I'm having quite a bit of stress working with the new editor.

Everything in the old editor happened like a breeze, except for some crashes now and then, which you would excuse since it is a web-based editor. Those things can happen.

With the new editor, everything takes ages to accomplish, not to mention the all-new locations of the commands (why?) and the very annoying pop-ups everywhere, which I finally managed to stop by tweaking some of the preferences options.

I wish that while giving it a new look, you would still give preference to a professionally usable and practical interface instead of a shiny colourful editable set of menus where all the essential options are hidden or nowhere to be found.

Now, a very serious issue I'm having right now is that, every time I want to write a comment, after a few letters the cursor "jumps" to the related segment and enters the rest of my comment at the end of the text segment. I really can't understand why.

The same happens when I search for a term in the search menu, at some point the term I am entering freezes, and it "jumps" to the segment I was editing.

Also, when I delete what's left of the word I tried to enter in both sections, once again the cursor "jumps" back to the segment and I end up erasing what was written in it.

Very, very annoying, frustrating, and time consuming.

I used to recommend wordbee to anyone asking me about a CAT tool. Right now, I don't know what to tell people. And I am very sorry about that because I know you can do it. You did it before.

Last week I was very frustrated and ended up going back to the old editor, but I had very serious technical issues (segments erased, saving issues), which my client confirmed had been happening, but he also informed me that these issues on the old editor are not addressed any more by your team. I understand that, you have a new editor. But if we are to work with the new editor, the new one needs some real focusing on efficiency-related issues. Very serious focusing and thinking.

Thank you.

All the best


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