Import function bug

I just noticed that there's an issue with the import function of the New Translation Editor. Let's assume I export an Excel file to do an offline translation. I can then import the translation into the CAT editor - works quite well.

Let's say I try to import the wrong file into the editor:

1. If the languages are incorrect the import fails and I get a notice about the function failing.

2. If the languages match (between file to import and the project I try to do the import for) I get a success message although no changes have been implemented into the CAT editor:

Step 1: I open a project and chose the wrong file.

Step 2: I try to import the wrong file but I still get a success screen.

Step 3: Only in the report I can see that no changes have been conducted.

Step 4: The columns are blank.

This was only a test run and for translation projects this issue doesn't really matter as it is obvious that the function failed. But what if we get revisions or proofreadings we need to import? It would be great to have an acurate error message in this case because a client / translator can indeed decide to not change anything. So this issue can be overseen by project managers pretty easily.


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