Mismatch segmentation rules TM & translation

Dear Wordbee (users),

What is the easiest way to change the segmentation rules for a specific project (and not across an entire language)? So far I have found that in order to change the segmentaiton rules, an SRX-file needs to be uploaded or an xml-file needs to be edited. (https://documents.wordbee.com/display/WBT/Creating+Custom+SRX+Rule+Configurations and https://documents.wordbee.com/display/WBT/Modifying+SRX+Rule+Configurations) However, I have zilch experience with xml and do not feel up to the task, also I have no idea where I can find a SRX file that does what I need it to do. Also, I want to change the segmentation rules for one single project, not an entire language.

To provide some background: I specialise in game localisation and therefore the majority of translation requests from clients come in the form of excel files. Some cells contain just one sentence, other cells consist of multiple sentences. The segmentation rules for translation are sentence based (e.g. one sentence becomes one translation segment in Wordbee). Which is fine where it not for some rather chaotic workflow these projects often entail.

However, when I want to import an excel file into a translation memory, the segmentation rules are paragraph based (e.g.: one excel cell with sometimes multiple sentences turns into one translation memory segment.) Therefore, there is a mismatch between the translation project and the translation memory, which renders the TM pretty much useless. So far the solution has been to manually update the TM entries in the TM editor, but this is time consuming, error-prone and not very economical. :)

One way to solve this would be  to use paragraph based segmentation rules for a specific translation project OR an easy and fast way to merge the translation segments in the wordbee translator editor following the excel layout.

Any other tips are welcome too! Thanks in advance!


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