Thoughts on the New editor



I have been using the new editor for two or three months already and I would like to share some of my thoughts/questions/suggestions/ideas that popped up in my mind in the meantime. 

  1. Why is it not possible to merge segments at will? Documents in our company have many sentences chopped off in the middle and it infuriates me that I cannot merge them only because they were not split previously. Could you guys please make it possible? 
  2. We use codyt mode and I am wondering, why I cannot see who undertook the translation of the document? What we do now is leave a comment when accepting a job, because otherwise it would be impossible to know which of my colleages is translating the document! Or maybe I'm just not smart enough to check it the "proper" way? 
  3. How to access comments to the job after opening it in the new editor? I can leave comments easily but how can I see them? I know how to do that from the job list or from the old editor, but how to do this from new editor? If it's not possible - why? If it's possible - why is it so counter-intuitive that I cannot find it after 2 months of using the new editor?
  4. I have set my editor to show 100 segments at once. My logic tells me it should show segments no. 1 to 100 on the first page, 101 to 200 on the second etc. The new editor, however, shows 100 segments, but it thinks that a split segment is two segments – so for example, in one of my documents page 6 shows segments no 477 to 575.
  5. The undo combo “CTRL+Z” behaviour is funky. When I try to undo some changes in a segment, it sometimes undoes a whole sentence, sometimes a word or two, sometimes it even pastes some random sentence from another segment inside the one I try to undo. Also, when I try to undo when creating a comment, it undoes changes in the last segment I have been working on – not in the comment itself. CTRL-Z feels like a really basic function, so I hope it can be resolved quickly.
  6. Adding new repository entries is a pain right now. The window for adding new entry covers the whole editor screen and it cannot be minimized, so if I want to add a new entry, I have to copy source or target language phrase, paste it, and then write the translation/source expression from memory. I already wrote about it before, but haven’t seen any improvements. What I hope for is: smaller window for adding new repositories (right now the window has loads of unnecessary whitespace), ability to minimize the window and move it around. I have marked some of the wasted space in the screenshot below.

Also – when I add a repository from within a job, why the language I am translating is set as “Translation” and the one I am translating to is “Source”? See below: when I translate from Chinese to Polish, why is Chinese marked as “Translation(s)” and Polish as “Source”?


These are only the complaints that I remember off the top of my head, and from my perspective these are very basic things that should work with no issues.

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