Wordcounts of files in folders

Hi everyone, 

Hope you're all well! I had a question about getting wordcounts by folder. I have a project that has several files going from English to Greek, Croatian, and Hungarian. But not all files are going to all languages. Only some are going to Greek, only some to Croatian, etc. 

What I want to avoid having to do is select each of the files manually on the word counts page.

I attempted to create subfolders as seen in the screenshot for each target language. 

However, when I select scan only documents in the same folder, it still scans all the documents.

Is this because it is going by parent folder and not subfolder? And is there an easy way where I can have WordBee automatically find the wordcount for only files intended to translated into a certain language?

For example, I want to just get the word count for all files going into Croatian without having to manually select all the files, but to get no word count for any other project files.


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