Unregistered user order form - propsals and messages to be sent to the person submitting the order


I am trying to extend the use of the client portal for one of my clients, by using the unregistered user order form so that any employee or head of departments withing their company to be able to submit a request without passing it through the localization department.

The problem is that the person submitting the request is not getting our propsal or messages because all of them are being sent via e-mail to the contact person of the client.
Althought there is an e-mail inserted when submitting the request, this is not used for further communications. As this person is the one in charge with the request and the one that should offer clarifications and approval for the quote, I find it strange that the communications are going to one contact only.

Is there any possibility of being able to send the messages to the requester?

Thank you,

Cristina Tohănean


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