Release Notes 12/13/2016 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Tuesday, December 13, 2016:


[NEW] Manage users / companies from ADFS or other SAML provider
During authentication from external SAML provider, Wordbee can create and/or update users and companies with values coming from SAML claims.

From Wordbee side, we can configure multiple fields linked to SAML claims like :
User : email, first name, last name, profile, enabled, locale, custom fields.
Company : name, profile, timezone, custom fields.

Multiple scenarios are available like :
- Check user only
- Check user but not exist => create it with values from SAML claims to a client or supplier defined
- Check user but not exist => create it with values from SAML claims to a client or supplier specified in claims
- Check user but only if exist => update values from SAML claims.

Note: This configuration can accept regular expressions to define value from claims.


[NEW] Beebox Admin UI - When login fails due to busy server, system displays which project is being processed.
When Beebox automatic operations are running in the background, users cannot login to the Beebox administrative web site, getting a "Busy server" message.
The login screen will now show full details of which Beebox project is processed as well as what operation is carried out. This information is exclusively shown when the user is logged-in with Administrator credentials.


[NEW] Additional placeholders for character-based counts.
Wordbee displays word count in both words and characters. We have added new placeholders to display Pretranslation count in characters: 100% Pretranslations, 110% Pretranslations, MT, etc.

These placeholders are specifically useful with Asian languages where counting is usually based on characters instead of words.


[NEW] XLIFF file filter now reads character length constraints from the "maxlength" XLIFF attributes
XLIFF files can specify the maximum and minimum character length of a translation using the "maxlength" and "size-unit" attributes. These constraints are now acknowledged in both the translation editor and the QA module.

Please note that this feature must be enabled in the XLIFF filter configuration in the QA section.


[NEW] Include Custom Fields in Tooltip for Person
Now the tool-tip displayed when clicking on a Person shows the custom fields associated with that person.


[NEW] XLIFF File Filter - New option to save translation editor comments back to translated XLIFF
When translating XLIFF files you can have comments from the XLIFF file shown in the translation editor. We now added the possibility to have the comments from the translation editor saved back into the translated XLIFF file.
This new option is not enabled by default. To activate it, please go to "Settings" > "XLIFF".


[IMPROVE] Improved Supplier Data Import
The supplier data import now allows Administrators to import minimum fees, custom fields and supplier group memberships in addition to the regular supplier data.


[FIX] Excel/Word export button now visible in Standard project at Documents tab.
When editor was accessed in a standard project from Documents tab, the excel/word export button was not visible. Once in the document,when the language couple was changed, then the button appeared.

This has been fixed; the button now appears directly when the editor is opened.


[FIX] Word/Excel exporting fix from the Documents list view.
When the editor was opened from Documents tab, it was possible to export all the document from the project but not just one opened document.
This has now been fixed and the export feature can now send out only the chosen document.


[FIX] Fix Indesign Parser : new option "don't show text containing neither letter or digit" will mask leading and trailing character that are neither letter nor digit.
Fixed Indesign parser not showing leading and trailing characters that are not letter or digit, when the option "don't show text containing neither letter or digit" is activated.


[FIX] API with custom date and time filters: Time filters did not extend to millisecond ranges.
When filtering projects, orders or other elements by date and time, you can use filters such as: CreationDate>DateTime (2016,11,30,14,31,29). In this example, the filter applies to a date (2016, 11, 30) and time filters seconds (29) but not milliseconds.
Now, time-filters extend to milliseconds and you can pass 7 parameters.


[FIX] Beebox Issue fixed : Target files stuck on "Translated"
When you modified the source file but not the text in the Beebox, the target file was stuck on "Translated" and never switched to "Ready" status.

This has now been fixed.


[FIX] Json finalization crash fix when translation contained special characters (& < >)
Finalisation and preview of document crashed when the translation contain special characters "&" "<" or ">".

This has now been fixed.


[FIX] Fixed issue when creating Codyt supplier invoice in verbuous mode when supplier price list defines a minimum fee
The Verbuous invoice mode shows each cost details line separately in the invoice. This failed when a minimum fee was defined in the supplier price list and the total cost was below the minimum. This has now been fixed.


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    Anneta Mitsopoulou

    Hi Stephan,

    Does WM-171 (Additional placeholders for character-based counts) refer to placeholders in Job notifications? Because I cannot seem to find those placeholders in the placeholder help.



    Edited by Anneta Mitsopoulou
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    Wojciech Mocek

    Hello Anneta,

    thanks for asking.

    This release:

    has introduced this improvement.

    [IMPROVE] Improve jobs notifications with characters wordcount placeholders
    Now the email notification template for jobs notifications allow the use of placeholder for the characters wordcount

    Hope this suits your needs.

    All the best


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