Assign multiple managers to a project

Before, Wordbee was limited to one manager per project. This is no longer the case.

In the project details page of  a Codyt or Standard project, you can now define multiple managers. Just click on “Additional managers” and then “Add/Remove” in the tooltip.



The following pop-up window opens, here you can add managers. Just select the person and his language pair, and click on “Add”. When you have finished, click  “Ok” to save the changes:



When they connect, a filter will be applied by default to only display the languages / documents that they have been assigned to. Correspondingly, they will only receive the email notifications related to the jobs they manage.


They will always have the possibility to untick the box 'show the languages  I manage only' to see all the languages and documents of a given project.









Note that when you filter projects or jobs per manager, the system will look for both the principal manager and the additional ones.

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