New client assignment option for project managers

Until now, project managers could access projects where they were managers, or all projects, but it was not possible to restrict their view to some clients.

It is now possible to assign clients to project managers. This way, project managers will only see information related to their own clients. Information includes orders, projects, jobs, client invoices, and client profiles.

To assign clients to project managers, follow these steps:

  • First, open your manager's account details' page (My company > People & Logins):



  • On the following page, you should click on the option 'Can access projects of all clients' to modify it:



  • A pop-up window will appear. There, you should click on 'Add clients' and select the clients you want to assign to the selected manager:



  • You will now be able to see which clients have been assigned to the selected manager by clicking on the 'Clients' tab of the pop-up:


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