Back-translation workflow available


To include back-translation in your workflow you must enable the tasks 'Translation', 'Back-translation', and 'Back-Validation'. Please note the tasks must be listed in that given order.

To enable tasks and sort them, you have to navigate to 'Settings > Task categories':



Project Workflow:

First, note that back-translation workflow set-up is only available for Codyt projects.

To implement a preset back-translation workflow in a Codyt project, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the page “Workflow & suppliers” of your project.
  • Click “Edit” and, and then click “Preset workflows”
  • Finally, select “Back-translation (basic)”.







  • Once your workflow configured, you can mark a document for online translation to get it started.

Note : The translation task is done from the source language to the target language. The back-translation task is done from the target language (result of translation task) to the source language. Finally the back-validation consists in comparing the 2 versions of the source text.

A second preset back-translation workflow is available. It is named 'Back-translation (2 parallel translations)':





This workflow allows to have 2 translations of a source document in the same language pair, done by two different translators. During the reconciliation step, the two translations will be compared and one will be selected, and translated back into the source language (back-translation). The obtained text will finally be compared with the source text (back-validation).

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