Release Notes 8/5/2021 - Wordbee Translator

New Wordbee Translator features and enhancements released on Thursday, August 5, 2021:

Released to: [Azure] [Luxembourg] [Switzerland] 

[NEW] [Machine translation] Brazilian Portuguese supported by Intento
Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) has been added for Intento machine translation, which now supports pt, pt-PT, and pt-BR.

[NEW] [Quality assurance] Same translation, but source text is different
A new check finds identical translations in two or more segments where the source text differs among the segments.

Settings > Customization > Quality Assurance > QA Profiles > Configure > Select > Translations – Same for different source

[NEW] [Clients, Suppliers, People] View dates that companies and people are created in the system
If you create a new company or person in the system, the creation date is displayed on the company page or on the person’s ‘Account details’ page, respectively. Also, the lists of companies and people can be searched by creation date. Optionally, you can add the dates in a column in the Excel file that is generated when you click ‘Print.’ (Restriction: No creation dates are shown for people or companies that were created in the system before this release.)

[NEW] [API v2] New API methods for managing services, prices, and translation domains
The new API methods are documented here:
Managing services and prices:
Managing company domains:
Managing person domains:
Managing all domains:

[IMPROVE] [Price lists] Badge highlights availability of multiple price lists
On price-list pages, a new badge that contains text (for example, 'List 1 of 10') indicates the number of price lists that the drop-down menu gives access to.

Locations: (1) My company > Prices. (2) Suppliers > Pricelist. (3) Clients > Select > Prices > Details

[FIX] [Jobs] Searching for jobs in a particular language
When you search a list of jobs for those that have a particular source or target language, only the jobs with the searched language are displayed. Previously, if two languages had codes that began with the same two letters (for example, the codes “fil” for “Filipino” and “fi” for “Finnish”), jobs in both languages might be incorrectly displayed.

Jobs > Search > [Type a source or target language] > Search

[FIX] [Editor] Clients can correctly accept review jobs
When clients of a language-service provider take on proofreading or other review work, they can now correctly accept jobs even when the language-service provider’s Terms and Conditions are disabled for the clients.

Relevant locations:
(1) Settings > Customization > Project and Work Processes > Terms and Conditions > Configure > Clients as suppliers > Disable
(2) Editor > Top menu > [Click the status] > Change status > ‘Yes, I can take on this job’

[FIX] [Reports] ‘Client services and prices’ report works again
You can generate the ‘Client services and prices’ report (number S504) without an error being displayed.

[FIX] [Custom fields] Mandatory custom check boxes now really are mandatory
When you add a custom check box to a form (for example, a price list), and you mark the check box as mandatory, users now must select the check box to be able to save the form.

Settings > General Settings > Custom fields > Configure

[FIX] [Editor] PowerPoint files are correctly finalized
Target-language PowerPoint files are correctly finalized even when the original files include custom elements such as links to online documents.

Editor > Document > Submit as Deliverable > Create File > Finalize

[FIX] [Editor] You cannot edit a comment to be blank
In the editor timeline widget, if you edit an existing comment so that the comment contains no text, you cannot save the comment. (If you want to delete a comment, click the delete icon instead of the edit icon.)

[FIX] [Editor] Very large documents can be exported
You can export very large documents in XLIFF format without an error occurring.

Editor > Document > Export > XLIFF

[FIX] [Machine translation] Correct customized MT system selected in Microsoft (v2) MT
Customized MT systems for Chinese regional language variants are now selected correctly for the Microsoft (v2) machine translation system.

Location: Settings > Customization> Machine translation > Machine Translation systems > Configure > Microsoft (v2) > Select > Choose plan > Enabled > Machine Translation Training > Your systems

[FIX] [Supported languages] Corrected language designations
For the Microsoft (v2) machine translation system, the language ‘[yue]’ has been corrected to ‘Cantonese (yue),’ and the language ‘[iu]’ has been corrected to ‘Inuktitut (iku).’

Settings > Customization> Machine translation > Machine Translation systems > Configure > Microsoft (v2) > Select > Enabled Languages

Also, whereas the list of Wordbee supported languages already included the options ‘Cantonese (Simplified, China)’ and ‘Cantonese (Simplified, Malaysia),’ it now also includes the option ‘Cantonese’ by itself, without a regional locale designator.

Settings > Customization > Translation Settings > Languages > Configure

[FIX] [Jobs] Misleading arrows removed from supplier timelines
When you are choosing or changing suppliers to do a job, the four-week timeline that indicates a supplier’s open jobs included left and right arrows that seemed to indicate that you could display previous or later months. These misleading arrows have been removed.

Jobs > Select > Job details > Status and organization > Supplier > Choose or change supplier > [Expand a supplier] > Jobs

[FIX] [Editor] Locking editing of source columns
In the editor, at the top of source-language columns, the Edit switch now locks or unlocks editing only for the relevant column.

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    Julia Rubio

    Hi Stephan! Thanks for the updates!

    Is WM-9282 already deployed? I cannot find it on our platform.

    Kind regards, 



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    Project Managers

    Hi Julia,

    New features are generally released on the Luxembourg and Switzerland platforms a few days before they are released on the Azure platform.

    The labels [Luxembourg], [Switzerland], and [Azure] are used at the top of release note pages to indicate which platforms already have the release.

    Best regards,


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    Julia Rubio

    Hi David,

    Thank you! Apologies, I did not notice the country tags.  :-S

    We are looking forward to testing the new QA profile. It's something that we had suggested in the past to avoid repetitions in character names.


    Thanks for your help,



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    Project Managers

    Thanks, Julia, for your suggestions. David

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