QA-Punctuation Ending

Hi Team, 

For the QA profile – Ending punctuation check, we’ve got irrelevant flags for Full Width languages like JA, ZHT and ZHS, as the full stop in these languages look like ‘。’. At times, we could have hundreds of irrelevant flags, and this has made QA time much longer and inefficient.

Can we please have a customisable option in these languages so QA would automatically recognise the full width punctuations and only flag if they are indeed inconsistent (e.g. in EN it’s comma, but in JA it’s !)?

Similar request was made 4 years back below: https://wordbee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/114095867314-Chinese-punctuation-to-be-recognised-as-punctuation-during-Advanced-QA

Any update would be much appreciated.




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