Tag Corruption in TXLF files

Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing well! I am just writing to ask if there were a way to automatically replace tags in a file during finalization? Or if there were another solution to this issue?

Basically, we have a client that uses GlobalLink Project Director from TransPerfect. They are unlikely to change, and neither is the system, so we are stuck using the .txlf exports from Project Director. 

Any txlfs generated from html or idml files contain the <gs4tr:ws xmlns> and </gs4tr:ws> tags. However, during finalization, these are converted to <ws xmlns> and </ws> tags. This causes problems when the html and idml files are rebuilt in Project Director.

So far, we have been manually editing the txlf files and using replace all to revert the tags. Is there any way to have WordBee do this?


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